Dr. John Studd
clinical gynaecologist

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Some articles available to download.

A guide to the treatment of depression in women by ostrogens (PDF 227Kb)
Published in Climateric. 2011

10 reasons to be happy about HRT (PDF 49Kb)
Published in Menopause International. 2010

A comparison of 19th Century and current attitudes to female sexuality (PDF 49Kb)
Published in Gynecological Endrocrinology. 2007

Ovariotomy for menstrual madness and PMS (PDF 200Kb)
6th IMS Workshop. 2006

Estrogens as first choice therapy for osteoporosis (PDF 70Kb)
Published in Climateric. 2009

Hysterectomy - a life saving as well as a life enhancing operation?
(PDF 49Kb)
Published in Menopause International. 2009

PROFOX - the post HRT nightmare (PDF 64Kb)
Published in Climateric. 2010

Patient request form (PDF 15Kb)